North Dakota Dental Foundation

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Kim Yineman and Dr. Otto Dohm of the N.D. Dental Foundation present a check for $1,000.00
to Marcia Olson of Bridging the Dental Gap in Bismarck. (February, 2008)

Dr. John Clayburgh, treasurer of the N.D. Dental Foundation, presents a check for $2,500.00 to Dr. Susan Swanson, director of the Allied Dental Department at the N.D. State College of Science in Wahpeton. The money was used toward the purchase of digital radiography equipment. (January, 2008)


The North Dakota Dental Foundation is a Section 501 c 3 organization established September 22nd, 1986 to foster and promote dentistry. 

The Foundation has fostered dental education:

·        1988 – Educational seminar with Dr. Gary R. Goldstein on prothetics.
·        1990 – Educational seminar with Dr. Richard Oliver on periodontics.
·        1991 and 1997 – Paid for and sent an ADA Senior Smile videotape to each district for use during in-house training at hospitals  and nursing homes.
·        1995 Midwinter Meeting – Hosted senior hygiene students for the Linda Miles lecture and luncheon. 
·        1996 – Contributed $1000 to the Allied Health Science Project in Wahpeton.
·        2007 - Established the NDDF Assisting Scholarship in the amount of $500.00 to be given annually to an assisting student enrolled at the NDSCS. 

The Foundation has a benevolent history:

·        1997 - $5000 was contributed to victims of the Grand Forks flood.
·        1997 - $50,000 of collected funds was passed through the foundation to flood victims. 
·         1998 – Contributed $500 to the Deb McFerran Fund and collected nearly $400 at the Foundation 

 2000 - $200 to the Samuel D. Harris National Museum
         2001 – provided financial support for the NDSCS and Northwest Tech Dental Auxiliary students to
         attend the luncheon associated with the 2001 FM Seminar and Little Chicago meeting.  A total of 49
         students attended. 
         2004 - provided financial support of $500 to each of the new community dental access projects:  Bridging
         the Dental Gap, Red River Valley Dental Access Project, and 3rd Street Clinic of Grand Forks.  
         Supported  dental students of the University of Minnesota Jamaica Mission Project with a $1000
         2005 - donated $10,000 to help dentists affected by hurricane Katrina, donated $5,000 to the Kikuyu
         Hospital Project
         2006 - donated $500 to each dental access projects:  Red River Valley Dental Access Project, Northern
         Valley Dental Access Coalition and Bridging the Dental Gap,  donated $500 for dental assistants from
         NDSCS and MSCTC to attend a luncheon and program
       2007 - donated $1,000 to each dental access project: Red River Valley Dental Access Project, Northern Valley  
         Dental Access Coalition and Bridging the Dental Gap
         2007 - donated $500 for dental assistants from NDSCS and MSCTC to attend a luncheon and program.
         2007 - donated $2,500 to the NDSCS for help in the purchase fo digital radiographic equipment
2007-2008 Board of Directors:
Dr. Greg Johnson, Chairman, Richardton, ND
Mike Kudrna, Vice-Chairman, Jamestown, ND
Dr. John Clayburgh, Treasurer, Grand Forks, ND
Carla Schneider, Secretary, Hettinger, ND
Dr. Kristin Kenner, Devils Lake, ND
Dr. Rob Lauf, Mayville, ND
Dr. Brent Holman, Fargo, ND
Dr. Lynne Olson, Fargo, ND
Dr. Otto Dohm, Bismarck, ND
Dr. David Wells, Fargo, ND
Dr. Susan Swanson, Wahpeton, ND
Kim Yineman, Bismarck, ND
Financial support of the North Dakota Dental Foundation is essential for growth.  Contributions can be sent to:
North Dakota Dental Foundation
c/o Joe Cichy
PO Box 1332
Bismarck, ND  58502-1332

The Foundation has recognized leaders in dentistry:

·        1995 – 1st Meritorious Service Award to Carla Schneider of Hettinger, ND.

·        1996 – 2nd Meritorious Service Award to Cathy Cornell of Fargo, ND.

·        1997 – 3rd Meritorious Service Award to Bob & Marilyn Diers of Omaha, NE.

·        1998 – 4th Meritorious Service Award to Gerry Florence of Velva, ND.

·        1999 – 5th Meritorious Service Award to Andy Kudrna of Jamestown, ND.

·        1998 – donated $150 toward Carla Schneider’s inaugural expenses as ADAA President.

·        2000 – 6th Meritorious Service Award to Al Iverson of Glyndon, MN.

·        2001 – 7th Meritorious Service Award to Kathy Mangskau, Bismarck, ND.