NDDA Position Paper on a Model Dental Health System

The dental care system in the United States presently provides many of the elements that policymakers hope to incorporate into an overall health care system. Dentistry focuses on providing primary and preventive care, containing costs and efficient administration. Therefore, the NDDA adopts the following positions concerning health system reform: 

  • The NDDA supports the preservation of the current fee for service dental care and dental benefits system. The present system provides the highest quality of care in a cost effective manner to the majority of North Dakotans.
  • The NDDA opposes any tax on dental benefits, whether they be on providers, services provided, tax on employees or the elimination or reduction of deductibility of benefits by employers. These new taxes would severely compromise the present dental care system.
  • The NDDA supports a policy calling for a program to continue publicly funded dental benefits to indigent persons. Priority for these benefits should be given to children. These programs should be adequately funded and administered to maximize the long-term benefits to the patient through preventive measures. Reimbursement rates must be adequate to ensure quality of care.
  • The NDDA supports oral health as an integral part of overall health and that the dentist should be the primary oral health care provider.
  • The NDDA supports the preservation of a patient's freedom of choice in selecting their dental care provider and also supports providers' freedom of choice to participate in health plans.
  • The NDDA opposes a widespread government administered health care system while supporting incremental reforms of the health care system as it relates to reasonable tort reform, insurance reform, and attempts of costs containment.